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This solution allows the automation of receiving, dispatching and distribution for physical material, both in entrance and outbound (mail, advertising packages, other documents) with the effect that all connected processes will be lightened and streamed.

The customer will no longer need to pick up from the post office, issue a protocol, separate, index and distribute each one separately together with all the tasks connected to mail management.

Thanks to digital archiving in the DMS, each user will be able to access and view documents from everywhere.

Digital Mailroom solution includes data quality control and notification of possible anomalies encountered to each competence center, identified by the customer.


  • Quick turnaround time garantee
  • Data validation and inbound information tracking
  • Data loss reduction and visibility for each process phase
  • Time reduction of internal communication and response turnaround with a constant, internal and tracked exchange
  • Improved internal tasks organization with higher efficiency and workload balancing between the different branches
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