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Digital Conservation

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This process grants authenticity, integrity, trustability, readability and accessibility of digital documents, how requested by Italian regulations.

Authorized users can view digital archived documents through a web portal and request distribution packages for the financial auditing.

In order to certify this process the Chief Archiving Officer needs to sign digitally the documents and insert the time stamp into the document.

Our solution of digital preservation can be integrated with professional legal consulting services, thanks to our partnership with ANORC and Actalis, and with process consulting services, tailoring the organization change management.

We also offer the possibility of archiving the physical documents, in case it’s requested, thanks to our document warehouse infrastructure.


  • Flexibility and compatibility of archiving solution with previous company platforms
  • Savings: paper warehouse removal and operational costs reduction
  • More updates and simplicity in gathering all information
  • Increased security on data integrity
  • Effective controversy resolution
  • Security and privacy regulation compliance
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