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Digital Signature

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Paper is not the only alternative anymore: the digital document signed electronically is equivalent to the paper document signed traditionally.

Digital signature is the result of an IT procedure which allows the person who signs a digital document (word, excel or image file or in all formats approved) to express clearly their signature and grant:

  • Document authenticity as original;
  • Paternity, meaning to prove who has effectively signed the document;
  • Integrity, meaning the document has not been modified after the digital signature;

The person who wiIl sign digitally its documents has to be the sole owner of a digital signature certificate, contained in a proper signature device (smart card or USB key).

In particular, this device allows the usage of a private encryption key, unique and secret which allows to sign digitally; the relative public key, issued and available at the Certification Authority, will guarantee every consecutive validation.

Digital signature is one of the options we can offer to our clients. Every company has different needs and requirements, as every process can benefit from a wide spectrum of Electronic signatures, strong or weak.

Here are some of the main solutions:

  • Electronic simple signature: this is the weaker signature above all. It includes all digital data, connected to the author (for example: identifying log, mail address, etc.), attachments or documents, everything legally relevant contained in a digital document, used as digital identification criteria.
  • Advanced electronic signature: it’s a particular type of electronic signature which, by attaching or connecting a set of data to a digital document, garantees integrity (identify all the successive changes to the document), authenticity of signed document and sole monitor of the signature certificate. This last element grants the unique connection to who signs and the juridical paternity of the document.
  • Qualified Electronic Signature: it’s a particular type of electronic signature based on a qualified certificate, issues by authorized certification authorities which can garantee the unique identification between the owner and the signature. This can be accomplished thanks to a secure device for the signature creation (Secure Signature Creation Device – SSCD).
  • Digital Signature: a specific type of electronic signature based on a qualified certificate and on a set of encryption keys, a public and a private one, connected between each other. This connection would allow the owner (using the private key) and the receiver (using the public key), to grant and verify the source and the integrity of the digital document or of a set of documents.
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