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Electronic Invoicing (e-Invoice)

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The electronic invoicing solution which allows to manage digitally the invoice issuing process and the relative long term archiving system.

It grants high qualitative standards and operate independently from any ERP platform, able to be fully integrated with the application legacy platforms.

After sending the e-invoice through the Exchange system (SdI), Optimo Next manages the notifications along the entire process, from when it’s delivered to when it’s accepted: the web portal allows profiled accesses based on company roles.

e-invoices, once archived, are easily accessible through digital archives from the users or even external authorities regarding the finance auditing.


  • Blueprint updates matching technical and legislative standards, defined by Sogei and all the relevant laws
  • Mistake reduction and process efficiency increase
  • The possibility of e-invoice rejection decrease to aproximately zero and the cost reduction ranges from 10 to 50 Euro per invoice
  • Higher process monitoring and IT processes inconstistency reduction
  • Optimization of internal documents management resources and all the related issues
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