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IRM – Secure Sync & Share

Sharing documents and data outside the company, synchronising them in real time in different devices and accessing them from everywhere have become a standard today for all companies. As a consequence, these trends will increase the need of managing security at 360°.

Unlike typical public cloud services, our solution offers complete privacy and control over your data, including private keys encryption, data controls while sharing and securing documents and e-mails, without compromising usability. All these elements guarantee security and efficiency of entire solution.

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Allows to extend the company’s IT infrastructure with a file sharing platform characterized by state-of-the-art encryption technology, with all the advantages typical of cloud solutions.

  • Office365 Integration
  • Mobile App
  • Secure Mail & Gmail Plugin
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For all organizations that need or prefer to store their data “in house”, this is the right solution to be integrated in the IT infrastructure of any company.

  • Office365 Integration or Zoho Docs online editor
  • Mobile App
  • Sharepoint Connector
  • Outlook Connector


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Secure your files with a key that you only know

Use a private key to encrypt your data. Access possible only by those who are authorized having also the possibility to set a different private key for each file or folder.
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Secure Mail

Protect your e-mail messages and their attachments so that only you and your recipient can read. This can lead also to hide even the attachment title in the e-mail.
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Encrypt your files on your device and while being synced

Your local files are private and protected, even in case of theft.
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Share your files easily while in complete security

You control the authorizations and access to your data, with the option of enabling the Two-step verification option and receive on the mobile a one-time-password valid for that single access.

Some other functionalities that make this solution truly unique:

  • Anticapture & deter photo shots
  • Deny download on shared documents
  • Watermark protecting intellectual property of your shared files
  • Setting an expiration date or a timeframe after when it would be impossible to access them
  • The activity logs can be accessed through any browser and provides an advanced auditing system which contains detailed information about WHO has accessed your data, WHAT operations have been performed, WHEN and WHERE
  • File versioning keeping track of the chronology of the archived versions

There is also the possibility to easily protect company information, preventing non authorised users (inside or outside the company) from opening, printing, copying or forwarding documents.
This can also include the possibility of setting some automatic rules and integrate the solution with Active Directory.

This protection includes also system administrators who potentially have all rights on all data, confidential or not. In this way we can separate data access criteria from the policies needed to manage data in the systems.

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