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NextOne is a “smart solution” to register on the web the entry and exit of each guests entering all companies, public or private, schools and all places where there is the need of monitoring guest access.

NextOne allows to register all the information connected to the guest and its company, it automatically keeps track of entry and exit timing, both within the company and externally (ie events). It assigns a unique QR code for each visit with the possibility of printing or sending by e-mail the visitor badge. In case of frequent guests, it will be possible to search in real time for data connected to the guest or the company he works for, in this case it will speed the  entry process in the company offices.

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It’s possible for each guest to register on its own, using the tablet/screen, inserting all information and printing its entry badge, that will be validated by the person visited when entering the company.
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In this case it will be also possible to assign to the guest company resources (such as badges, parking, meeting rooms and other resources) checking also that all the data is insterted correctly through the entire process.

Some advantages of NextOne:

  • Simplify and lighten workloads on redundant tasks (reception, guests, employee visited, security manager) with the result of freeing time and resources
  • Register check-in and check out of internal and external company consultants without the need of  clocking in systems, with also the possibility of pre-registering on the web
  • Comply to legislation requirements regarding the workplace security, keeping track of all the movements and people present in the company with ad-hoc reports
  • Avoid using different tools (paper or digital), not integrated and with high maintenance costs (CRM solutions, security systems, meeting rooms, …)
  • Managing in real time limited resources such as entry badges, meeting rooms and guest car parkings
  • Improve the guest welcoming experience when entering into a company (partners and customers)

Some use cases for NextOne:

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Private companies

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Trade shows

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