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NextSign is an application, completely web-based, that allows to create, manage and search digital document folders, being able to define their approval workflows. The process can be perfectioned by different types of electronic signatures and possibly also by the legal archive of each document.

This platform is designed around security and simplicity, it can be accessed on the public web and also on mobile devices. The solutions can be integrated with the other company applications existing and it can be installed on a SaaS framework. There is a complete tracking of all the accesses, all the document changes and versions to track completely all timings.

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  • 100% digital process with a consequent reduction of TCO
  • Real time monitor of activities and documents providing information on approval stages and dedicated reporting
  • Improvement and acceleration of approval process, internal or external, between all stakeholders involved. Administrative activities facilitation in supporting managers, by reducing process filters
  • Security increase thanks to a constant monitoring in all process phases and thanks to secure link sending to each user who will sign
  • Avoiding transport  and phisical archiving costs for paper documents
  • Agentless solutions which can be used also from mobile devices
  • Simple integration with existing technologies (ECM software, e-sourcing portals, ERP, legal archive)


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