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It’s a job area that manages all the financial and economic informative flows, which run all companies.


Facility Services

Depending on the organizations, the owner can be identified in the Facility Manager, in the General Manager


Human Resources

It’s a job role always more and more strategic for each company.Its tasks consists mainly in managing human resources



In every company managing contracts is cross to different areas and shareholders: sales directors, finance, administration, marketing, HR, IT and Facility



It’s a Business Unit in charge of all approval and purchase workflows for all resources related to a company needs and lifecycle

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NextSign is an application, completely web-based, that allows to create, manage and search digital document folders, being able to define their approval workflows. The process can be perfectioned by different types of electronic signatures and possibly also by the legal archive of each document.

This platform is designed around security and simplicity, it can be accessed on the public web and also on mobile devices.

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NextOne is a “smart solution” to register on the web the entry and exit of each guests entering all companies, public or private, schools and all places where there is the need of monitoring guest access.

NextOne allows to register all the information connected to the guest and its company, it automatically keeps track of entry and exit timing, both within the company and externally (ie events).

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Document management with a suite perfectly integrated within the client application framework.

Document Management solutions are designed to optimize management, archiving and accessing processes of enterprise information, data and documents.

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Mobile applications are definitely considered as one of the major technology evolution in the last few years, leveraging the increasing usage of mobile devices such as smartphone and tablets, also for working purposes.

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Paper is not the only solution anymore: a digital document signed electronically is now fully compliant to the Italian regulations, exactly as the paper document hand signed.

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Sharing documents and data outside the company, synchronising them in real time in different devices and accessing them from everywhere have become a standard today for all companies. As a consequence, these trends will increase the need of managing security at 360°.

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We manage the entire process, from the first elaboration to the legal archiving of e-invoices.

e-Invoice solution allows to manage the entire invoicing issuing process digitally, including also the connected legal archiving procedure.

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Transform digital files into legally effective documents, allowing to forget about original documents and be compliant to the Italian regulations.

The process of digital preservation grants authenticity, integrity, trustability, readability and accessibility of digital documents.

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Gestiamo i documenti e la posta in entrata, dalla ricezione all’archiviazione su Document Management System.

La soluzione di digital mailroom permette di automatizzare i processi di ricezione, smistamento e distribuzione dei documenti in entrata (posta, materiale, altro).

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Gestiamo processi di rifornimento e fornitura di materiali di consumo per una più efficiente amministrazione delle risorse interne all’azienda.

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Oltre 10.000 mq di magazzino protetto e organizzato secondo aggiornati standard per l’archiviazione, la conservazione a lungo termine e la distruzione certificata dei documenti cartacei trattati.

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