Multimedia document management, traceability, interface customization and collaboration are the areas in which we have focused the latest developments of the Pandora content service platform, our Digital Transformation Platform.

The new features considerably increase its ability to digitize and dematerialize processes, while maintaining high standards in terms of safety and usability.

Management of multimedia files and documents and new text editor

Not only pdf and personal data, Pandora also supports the main image, audio and video formats and has an integrated player to play them. With these features it is possible to dematerialize processes or archives that also provide for the acquisition of images or audio files (such as, for example, the activation of a new contract). Furthermore, the new text editor allows operators to quickly modify all textual documents on the platform.


To improve traceability and data security, the new versioning function is available, which provides the possibility of creating a new version of the document at each change and freezing the previous one, reducing the probability of errors and facilitating audit procedures.

Single Sign On

It is now possible to configure authentication via single sign on web (SAML 2 protocol), while ensuring a better experience for users, greater security and control by the IT department.

Customizable search profiles by user group

To make the user experience easier and more intuitive, while at the same time guaranteeing the security of information, it is possible to set search profiles by user group. The feature allows you to define the fields that can be viewed by each team, facilitating the operation of individual operators who will immediately have only the necessary information available.

Enter notes and send notifications and documents via email

To improve collaboration, essential in this period where smartworking is a necessity and not a choice, we have added the possibility to insert notes and send notifications or documents via email directly from the platform.