NextOne is the digital solution that simplifies and makes efficient the management of the flow of people entering and leaving the company by automating front desk procedures.

In addition to managing the registration of visitors, which can take place at reception or in self mode through a convenient remote pre-registration, NextOne allows the creation and management of documents and information (such as maintenance reports, acceptance of company rules …) and questionnaires and related request for acknowledgment. In addition, NextOne also acts as a workplace assistant, allowing you to remotely book and assign workstations, meeting rooms, open spaces and, more generally, corporate resources functional to the activities to be performed.

  • Contactless check-in and check-out and remote self-registration in compliance with regulations (GDPR)

  • Remote booking of workstations, rooms, open spaces, company cars

  • Publication of documents, information and questionnaires (for example in the field of Covid-19 prophylaxis) with request for acknowledgment of receipt

  • Advanced reporting functionality

  • Highly customizable according to the needs of the company